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Hello Everyone!


My name is Ericka, owner/baker of Whisky Business, LLC. Baking has been in my blood my entire life. Some of my favorite childhood memories were of my Grandma Ann and my mom talking and baking for hours and hours and me watching and taking in everything they did.  My mom and grandma made everything special...everything...magical in a way and I definitely got that from them.  I spend much of my free time learning, researching and practicing all of the new things I can. I truly love to make moments special for people, baking is just one way I get to do that.


Outside of baking I live in Appleton with my dog Georgia and I'm a huge performing arts lover! If I'm not in the kitchen, I'm probably in a rehearsal hall or theater performing somewhere! In 2023 I'm also learning to golf finally! My baking soundtrack is anything from showtunes to k-pop. If I'm not listening to music then I'm probably listening to podcast or e-book. Yes, I'll take recommendations! I'd love to bake for you!


Email is the preferred method of contact


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Due to my work and baking schedule, calls and emails are typically returned within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Messages left over the weekend will be returned on the next business day! Thank you!

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