I'm Ericka, owner of Whisky Business! I've loved baking for as long as I can remember - I can't remember a time I didn't do this! One of my earliest memories of baking is from my grandma. For some reason I'll never get the image or taste of her zucchini bread out of my mind. I can still vividly remember asking her to please not put vegetables in bread. I also remember exactly where she was standing in the kitchen when she MADE me taste it for the first time, it was magical. From there I always asked to help in the kitchen and eventually started making desserts for the family. To me, baking allows a creativity that makes moments so special.

When I was in college I took a cake decorating class for fun on the weekends and then I took another, I was hooked! I practiced almost very week...until my family got tired of eating cake that is! My new rule became I wouldn't bake unless I had somewhere to take it, so I was (still am) always the first to sign up for a dessert for the potluck or cast party! This entire time I've continued taking classes, learning and trying new things.

Outside of baking I have a full-time career I love (love baking for my colleagues). I'm a dog mom (I've baked for them too!) and I'm an AVID lover, participant and supporter of the performing arts - especially in Wisconsin. Theater is magic. Baking is magic.


My mom and grandma were good at making simple things really special...GREAT at it to be honest. We always need to make time for "special" especially as adults, no matter how small it is. Making special is something I always do for my family & friends and now I'll do it for you!